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Customer Satisfaction Templates

Customer Satisfaction Survey - General Feedback

Find out what your customers really think. This template includes questions related to customer and product satisfaction. Also includes a Net Promoter Score® Question to gauge customer loyalty. This is one of our most popular survey templates; try it our for yourself!

Net Promoter Score® Template

This is one of our most popular survey templates. Used by brands around the world, find out how well your brand is performing and identify areas where your company can improve.

Restaurant & Bar Survey Template

Used by restaurants and bars across the world, this survey template is specifically designed to capture feedback from your guest about their experience. Find out how well your wait staff are performing, what your patrons think of your menu, and identify other areas where your company can improve.

Hotel Stay Feedback

Find out what your guests like or dislike about their most recent stay. Use a transactional link for this survey and send out to guests on their email receipt.

Employee Engagement Templates

Employee Satisfaction

Do your employees like their jobs? Keeping your employees happy is the key to a great productive workplace. Questions include thoughts about opportunities to advancement and interactions with management.

Employee Benefits Survey Template

Many employees will choose employment based on a benefits package. See how well your benefits package stacks up and see where your company can make improvements.

Department Performance

Another unique but popular survey template from SurveyKing. Find out how well your department is performing. This template includes questions to identify areas of waste, areas that are not efficient and require too many man hours, and a continuous sum question to see where a hypothetical budget should set.

Whistleblower Survey

Find out how employees view your corporate culture. Enable the anonymous survey feature and this form becomes the perfect solution for whistleblowers to report wrong doings.

Non Profit Templates

Donor Feedback

Gather the opinions, motivations, and attitudes of your donors. Find out why they support your organizations cause and what areas they would like you to focus on. This survey will help to identify growth opportunities to increase donor support.

Volunteer Feedback

Capture the opinions of people attending volunteer events. This data is crucial to keep volunteers coming back to support your cause. This survey can help evaluate why and when volunteers are leaving, and identify areas of improvement.

Education Related Survey Templates

Teacher Evaluation

Find out how students feel about their instructor. One of the most popular templates, it is used by public and private universities around the world. Customize as needed for your class/school.

Parent Feedback

Unique to SurveyKing, use this template to get information from a student's parent. This is useful to make sure parent-teacher conferences have all items covered.

Event Planning Templates

Event Preference

Are you planning an event? Trying to send out wedding invitations? Find out the best date for that event and any other information with this premade form.

Event Feedback Template

Perfect to get feedback from a recent event. Share this survey on social media or your website, so anyone who heard about or attended the event can give feedback.


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